Long-Term Archive at DKRZ

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As a DKRZ user, you have two options for long-term archiving your data: WDCC and DOKU. You can also split your dataset between them. The WDCC (World Data Centre for Climate) offers long-term archiving for datasets relevant for climate and Earth System research in a highly standardised manner following the FAIR principles. In comparison DOKU is the simpler solution to preserve your research data while still meeting the requirements of good scientific practice.
simple lightweight publication
high-end data publication
Long-term archival
accessibility for 10 years ensured
accessibility and curation for more than 10 years ensured
Service open for everyone
restricted to DKRZ projects
for all kinds of climate model data and related products
Data downloadability
enabled to registered users
enabled to registered users
Quality control
data are (mostly) preserved “as is”
technical quality control checks by WDCC curator
Fulfilling FAIR principles
data are findable and accessible
ensured through rich metadata and standardisation
Data publishable with DOI or PID
PID (Handle) assigned upon publication
DataCite DOI assignment possible
Trustworthy repository
no certification
certified by CoreTrustSeal and the World Data System (WDS)
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