Step by Step Guide WDCC

This workflow depicts an overview of the essential steps needed to be taken during the process of archival in WDCC. For more details, please consult our WDCC User Guide. The Data Management (DM) team at DKRZ will guide you through the entire process.

1 . Initial Contact to DKRZ

2. Submission Agreement

  • Discuss the structure and format of your data and metadata with DM
  • Come to an agreement including further details on authorship, ownership and license

3. Data Preparation

  • Prepare and structure your data for submission

4. Submission of Metadata and Data

  • Register at WDCC here (if you do not have an account yet) or sign in with your DKRZ credentials
  • Fill metadata in MetaXA
  • Make your data accessible to DM

5. Data and Metadata Review

  • DM performs a technical quality control on your data and metadata
  • If amendments are necessary, DM will contact you

6. Archival of Data and Metadata

  • DM transfers your metadata and data into WDCC
  • You will be notified once your data has been published and the archival is complete

7. DOI-Assignment Procedure

  • If the assignment of DataCite DOI's was agreed upon, DM will contact you in case further amendments to the data and/or metadata are required

8. Long-term Curation

  • Please provide publications/references regarding your dataset or inform us of errata, if needed.
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Figure: WDCC Workflow (yellow fields: actions from the user are needed)