Date Version Changes
  • Old "Download" page has been replaced by a modal dialog
  • Old "Parameters" page has been replaced by an menu at the entry/compact page
  • Additional Infos can be downloaded without an account now
  • Some minor changes
  • Many "under the hood"-changes
  • Moved the complete website to the new technology stack
  • It is now possible export citations in BibTeX and RIS-Format
  • All entry-landing pages are machine-readable now
  • Some smaller visual improvements
  • Complete redesign of the website
  • Register form: You no longer have to write an E-Mail in order to request an account
  • CeraSearch - A new search engine with the following features
    • Full text search
    • Geographical search
    • Temporal search
    • Faceted search - Narrow down the search results for your specific search demands
    • Hierarchical search - Browse along the CERA hierarchy from a project to a certain dataset