Step by Step Guide DOKU

This workflow depicts an overview of the essential steps needed to be taken during the process of archival in DOKU. During the process, you will constantly be in touch with DKRZ's data management department (DM), which is why the first step to take is to contact DM with a concrete archival request (
, see below).

1. Check Permission to Preserve Data in DOKU

  • Only data that is part of a DKRZ project can be archived in DOKU.
  • Check your project’s quota for DOKU on by logging in with your DKRZ username and password.
  • Note that the archival process might take some time (the larger the project, the longer) and that quota is accounted for the allocation period when the data is actually archived (not when you send the first request), therefore please plan sufficient time.

2. Initial Contact to DKRZ

3. Data Preparation

  • Structure and document your data so as to ensure reusability even in years’ time.

4. Submission of Metadata and Data

  • Register at WDCC here (if you do not have an account yet)
  • Fill metadata in MetaXA in the dedicated DOKU section
  • Transfer data to be archived into the project directory of the DKRZ tape archive at /hpss/arch. For each DOKU dataset, please copy all files to be archived into a subdirectory.
  • Supply DM with these data paths.

5. Archival of Data into DOKU by DM

  • You will be notified once the data has been archived in DOKU and is available for download via the assigned persistent URL
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Figure: DOKU Workflow (yellow fields: action from the user needed)