nextGEMS: output of the model development cycle 2 simulations for ICON and IFS


Wieners, Karl-Hermann et al.

In the first phase of the nextGEMS project, the two Earth-system models ICON (Version ee0ee6) and IFS (Cycle 47r3.3 nextGEMS) are developed in three iterative cycles aiming at simulating the climate 30 years into the future at storm-resolving scale. In each development cycle new features are implemented into the models improving the physical representation of the coupled Earth system as well as the technical feasibility to run at high resolution for increasing simulation time periods. A development cycle concludeds with a simulation for at least one year at 5 km horizontal resolution or lower. The cycle 2 model runs produced about 1 PB of model output. A subset of the data is published here, namely monthly averages of selected 2d variables from the 5km ICON simulation and 4km IFS simulation.
nextGEMS (Next Generation Earth Modelling Systems)
Karl-Hermann Wieners (
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Longitude -180 to 180 Latitude -90 to 90
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2020-01-20 to 2022-03-01 (proleptic_gregorian)
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Wieners, Karl-Hermann; Ziemen, Florian Andreas; Koldunov, Nikolay; Pedruzo-Bagazgoitia, Xabier; Rackow, Thomas; Redler, René; Sidorenko, Dmitry; Kölling, Tobias (2023). nextGEMS: output of the model development cycle 2 simulations for ICON and IFS. World Data Center for Climate (WDCC) at DKRZ.

European Commission - Horizon 2020 Framework Programme
Grant/Award No: 101003470 - Next Generation Earth Modelling Systems (NextGEMS)
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[2] DOI ECMWF. (2021). IFS Documentation CY47R3 - Part IV Physical processes. doi:10.21957/eyrpir4vj

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