Climate Simulation with CLM, Scenario B1 run no.2, Data Stream 3: European region MPI-M/MaD


Lautenschlager, Michael et al.

The experiment CLM_B1_2_D3 contains European regional climate simulations of the years 2001-2100 on a regular geographical grid. The data are generated during post processing of the corresponding data stream 2 experiment (CLM_B1_2_D2) of regional climate model runs (CLM non hydrostatic, see ). It is forced by the second (_2_) run of the global IPCC scenario B1 (EH5-T63L31_OM-GR1.5L40_B1_2_6H), which describes a possible future world with global population peaking in mid-century and rapid change in economic structures towards a service and information economy. An introduction of clean and resource efficient technologies was assumed.
In data stream 3 (_D3) the output variables of CLM data stream 2 and some additionally derived parameters are stored as time series on a regular geograhical grid (0.2 deg. hor. res.). The transformation has been done via CDO routines. Please note, that none of the variables has been corrected for topographical differences between the two grids.
The model domain of data stream 3 covers the European region starting at 34.6/-10.6 (lat/lon, centre of lower left grid box) with an increment of 0.2 degree. The number of grid points is 177/238 (lat/lon).
For some model variables and additionally derived parameters some statistics on daily, monthly or yearly basis are available. See also for a list of available parameters.
Please contact sga"at" for data request details.
See for more details on CLM simulations in the context of the BMBF funding priority "klimazwei", some useful information on handling climate model data and the data access regulations.
The output format is netCDF
Experiment with CLM 2.4.11 on NEC-SX6(hurrikan)
raw data: hpss:/dxul/ut/k/k204095/prism/experiments/B1_2
CLM_regional_climate_model_runs (CLM regional climate model runs forced by the global IPCC scenario runs)
Dr. Michael Lautenschlager (
Spatial Coverage
Longitude -10.6 to 36.8 Latitude 34.6 to 69.8 Altitude: -3.82 m to 200 hPa
Temporal Coverage
2001-01-01 to 2100-12-31 (calendrical)
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World Data Center for Climate
5.11 TiB (5614459761520 Byte)
completely archived
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Lautenschlager, Michael; Keuler, Klaus; Wunram, Claudia; Keup-Thiel, Elke; Schubert-Frisius, Martina; Will, Andreas; Rockel, Burkhardt; Boehm, Uwe (2009). Climate Simulation with CLM, Scenario B1 run no.2, Data Stream 3: European region MPI-M/MaD. World Data Center for Climate (WDCC) at DKRZ.

Due to technical reasons in data stream 2 (D2) the last record of every year was released with the time step(00.00 Hour, 01.January) of the following year
in the netCDF header.
1) Quality documentation see
'README, Plots and Reports for CLM regional climate model runs' in CERA2 and 'CLM Technical Report' Chapter 4 and 6.
2)Control of timeseries:
-creation of minimum, maximum, mean, average timeseries of every record
-control of timeseries with statistical analysis.
-control metadata and data of start and stop date (March 2009)
-control metadata of continuous time (March 2009)
CLM data stream 3 (_D3) contains a SUBSET of the output variables of CLM data stream 2 (_D2) and some additional derived parameters.
as consistent as the model is (CLM Version 2.4.11)
Findable: 6 of 7 level;
Accessible: 2 of 3 level;
Interoperable: 3 of 4 level;
Reusable: 4 of 10 level
F-UJI online v2.2.1 automated
Method Description
Checks performed by WDCC. Metrics documentation: Metric Version: metrics_v0.5
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[1] DOI Jacob, D.; Podzun, R. (1997). Sensitivity studies with the regional climate model REMO. doi:10.1007/BF01025368

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