CLM regional climate model runs forced by the global IPCC scenario runs

CLM regional climate model runs forced by the global IPCC scenario runs
These regional climate simulations have been funded by the BMBF and computed at DKRZ by the group "Model and Data" of MPI-M, Hamburg, in close cooperation with BTU Cottbus, HZG Geesthacht and PIK Potsdam. Serving as community model, the climate version of the local model (CLM) of the DWD was used to simulate the regional climate of the 20th century (1960-2000) and 21st century (2001-2100) in Europe. The regional model runs are forced by the global IPCC scenario runs ( A1B and B1 , ) with different assumptions regarding the development of global greenhouse gas concentrations to explore future developments in the European climate on a regional scale.

CLM (see ) was run in non hydrostatic mode with 0.165 degree horizontal grid resolution and was forced 6 hourly by the output of the global climate model runs with ECHAM5/MPIOM. The climate of the 20th century was simulated by three 20th century realization runs, set off at different initialization times.
For storage in and download from this data base, the data has been transformed into time series of single model variables and is provided in two data streams (referenced as "data stream 2" and "data stream 3"). Data stream 2 is given on a rotated grid with 0.165 deg. spatial resolution. Data stream 3 is projected onto a non-rotated grid with 0.2 deg. spatial resolution (usual geographical coordinates). For the data transformation between the respective grids the cdo-routines have been used.
For further information regarding the original model output (referenced as "data stream 0" and "data stream 1") please contact model(at)
See for more details on CLM simulations in the context of the BMBF funding priority "klimazwei", some useful information on handling climate model data and the data access regulations.

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