dphase_mpeps: MicroPEPS LAF-Ensemble run by DWD for the MAP D-PHASE project


Denhard, Michael

The D-Phase MicroPEPS is a LAF-Ensemble (lagged average forecast) that is based upon 5 different high resolution models:
The individual members can be found in the respective experiments 'dphase_*' in this data base.

As time lagged forecasts the initialisation times t-3h and t-6h relative to the reference time t are incorporated. In a maximum the MicroPEPS might have 9 members (COSMOCH2: 3, LMK: 3, AROME: 1, CMCGEMH: 1, ISACMOL: 1). While COSMOCH2 and LMK generate new forecasts every 3 hours the other models run less frequently. In the 6 hour MicroPEPS time window AROME, CMCGEMH and ISACMOL provide one run each.

During operation the ensemble size might change due to the availability of the forecasts. The MicroPEPS uses equal weights for averaging its members.

The MicroPEPS generates probability forecasts by interpreting the overlapping areas of the single forecasts as members of a local ensemble. Due to the different domains of the deterministic models the size of the ensemble depends on location. Hence the quality of the forecasted probability distributions varies over the domain.

There will be four runs a day at 0, 6, 12 and 18 UTC.

Grid description:
CDOM: xfirst: 6.0 yfirst: 47.0 xsize: 168.0 ysize: 151.0 xinc: 0.03 yinc: 0.02 xnpole: 0.0 ynpole: 0.0
DDOM: xfirst: 2.0 yfirst: 43.0 xsize: 535.0 ysize: 351.0 xinc: 0.03 yinc: 0.02 xnpole: 0.0 ynpole: 0.0
DPHASE (D-PHASE, Demonstration of Probabilistic Hydrological and Atmospheric Simulation of flood Events in the Alpine region)
Michael Denhard (
D-PHASE region (DDOM)
Spatial Coverage
Longitude 2 to 18 Latitude 43 to 50 Altitude: 0 m relativ to NN
Temporal Coverage
2007-06-01 to 2007-11-30 (calendrical)
Use constraints
For scientific use only. No commercial use allowed. Please be aware of the common COPS/GOP/D-PHASE data policy (http://cops.wdc-climate.de/)
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World Data Center for Climate
745.01 GiB (799950589688 Byte)
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Denhard, Michael (2009). dphase_mpeps: MicroPEPS LAF-Ensemble run by DWD for the MAP D-PHASE project. World Data Center for Climate (WDCC) at DKRZ. https://doi.org/10.1594/WDCC/dphase_mpeps

According to agreements within DPHASE data from timesteps not delivered in time could be missing. In this case a dummy file was created and inserted in the database.
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Checks performed by WDCC. Metrics documentation: https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4081213 Metric Version: metrics_v0.5
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- control of 'CERA UI Compact' metadata by author
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Checks performed by WDCC and author.
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