dphase_csreps: COSMO Short-Range Ensemble Prediction System run by ARPA-SIM for the MAP D-PHASE project


Marsigli, Chiara; Montani, Andrea; Paccagnella, Tiziana

COSMO-SREPS (csreps) is a high-resolution ensemble system for the short-range (up to three days). The system consists of 16 integrations of the non-hydrostatic limited-area model COSMO. The model is run at about 10 km of horizontal resolution, with 40 levels in the vertical.
The ensemble is generated by taking into account different sources of forecast errors, in order to describe the uncertainty affecting the scales of interest in the high-resolution weather forecast at the considered time range.
Initial and boundary conditions perturbations are provided by some members of the Multi-Analysis Multi-Boundary SREPS system of INM: the 10-km COSMO runs of COSMO-SREPS are driven by the four lower resolution (25 km) COSMO runs provided by INM, nested on four different global models (IFS, GME, NCEP, UM) which use independent analyses.
Each of the four 25-km COSMO run provides initial and boundary conditions (3-hourly) to four 10-km COSMO runs, which are differentiated by applying different model perturbations. Four parameters of the schemes used for the parameterisation of the sub-grid processes are randomly changed, within their range of variability, in the ensemble members.

Grid description:
DDOM: xfirst: -6.02 yfirst: -7.0 xsize: 135.0 ysize: 83.0 xinc: 0.09 yinc: 0.09 xnpole: 190.0 ynpole: 40.0
DPHASE (D-PHASE, Demonstration of Probabilistic Hydrological and Atmospheric Simulation of flood Events in the Alpine region)
Chiara Marsigli (
D-PHASE region (DDOM)
Spatial Coverage
Longitude 2 to 18 Latitude 43 to 50 Altitude: 0 m relativ to NN
Temporal Coverage
2007-06-01 to 2007-11-30 (calendrical)
Use constraints
For scientific use only. No commercial use allowed. Please be aware of the common COPS/GOP/D-PHASE data policy (http://cops.wdc-climate.de/)
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World Data Center for Climate
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Marsigli, Chiara; Montani, Andrea; Paccagnella, Tiziana (2009). dphase_csreps: COSMO Short-Range Ensemble Prediction System run by ARPA-SIM for the MAP D-PHASE project. World Data Center for Climate (WDCC) at DKRZ. https://doi.org/10.1594/WDCC/dphase_csreps

According to agreements within DPHASE data from timesteps not delivered in time could be missing. In this case a dummy file was created and inserted in the database.
starting with the COSMO model version 3.20
starting with 4 parameter perturbations: Tiedtke, Kain-Fritsch, tur_len, pat_len
Findable: 6 of 7 level;
Accessible: 2 of 3 level;
Interoperable: 3 of 4 level;
Reusable: 4 of 10 level
F-UJI online v2.2.1 automated
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Checks performed by WDCC. Metrics documentation: https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4081213 Metric Version: metrics_v0.5
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- control of 'CERA UI Compact' metadata by author
- control of file transfer with check sum
- check of start and end date with qual.sh (APR 2009)
- check of number of data points with qual.sh (APR 2009)
- check continous time with cera_check.check_continuous_time.CHECK_EXPERIMENT (APR 2009)
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Checks performed by WDCC and author.
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