dphase_cleps: COSMO-LEPS forecasts run by ARPA-SIM for the MAP D-PHASE project


Montani, Andrea; Marsigli, Chiara; Paccagnella, Tiziana

cleps stands for COSMO-LEPS, the Limited-area Ensemble Prediction System implemented and developed by ARPA-SIM in the framework of COSMO consortium.
This system is made up of 16 integrations with the non-hydrostatic limited-area model COSMO (formerly known as Lokal Modell).
The 16 integrations takes initial and boundary conditions from 16 selected members of ECMWF EPS; the following prodedure is used to select EPS members:
1) Two successive runs of ECMWF EPS (starting at 00 and 12UTC) are considered; since each EPS set is composed of 51 integrations, 102 members are
2) a clustering algorithm is applied to construct 16 clusters (of different population); the clustering variables are Z,U,V,Q at 500, 700, 850 hPa at +96, +120 fcst steps; the clustering domain is 30-60N, 10W-30E.
3) within each cluster a representative member (RM) is selected on the basis of the same variables used for the clustering;
4) 16 RMs are selected;
5) each RM provides both initial and boundary conditions to the limited-area integrations with the COSMO model, which is run 16 times;
6) the limited-area runs constitute COSMO-LEPS

Each limited-area runs has the following features:
start once a day at 12UTC;
hor. res. 10 km;
vert. res. 40 ML;
fcst length: 132h;
post-proc frequency: 3h
The integration domain cover the whole Central and Southern Europe, although, for D-PHASE, only a subdomain is delivered.

Grid description:
DDOM: xfirst: -6.02 yfirst: -7.0 xsize: 135.0 ysize: 83.0 xinc: 0.09 yinc: 0.09 xnpole: 190.0 ynpole: 40.0
DPHASE (D-PHASE, Demonstration of Probabilistic Hydrological and Atmospheric Simulation of flood Events in the Alpine region)
Andrea Montani (
D-PHASE region (DDOM)
Spatial Coverage
Longitude 2 to 18 Latitude 43 to 50 Altitude: 0 m relativ to NN
Temporal Coverage
2007-06-01 to 2007-11-30 (calendrical)
Use constraints
For scientific use only. No commercial use allowed. Please be aware of the common COPS/GOP/D-PHASE data policy (http://cops.wdc-climate.de/)
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World Data Center for Climate
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Montani, Andrea; Marsigli, Chiara; Paccagnella, Tiziana (2009). dphase_cleps: COSMO-LEPS forecasts run by ARPA-SIM for the MAP D-PHASE project. World Data Center for Climate (WDCC) at DKRZ. https://doi.org/10.1594/WDCC/dphase_cleps

the model runs start every day at 12UTC; there have been no gaps in the last 2 years of activity
According to agreements within DPHASE data from timesteps not delivered in time could be missing. In this case a dummy file was created and inserted in the database.
the model version used for COSMO-LEPS runs is 3.20
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- control of 'CERA UI Compact' metadata by author
- control of file transfer with check sum
- check of start and end date with qual.sh (APR 2009)
- check of number of data points with qual.sh (APR 2009)
- check continous time with cera_check.check_continuous_time.CHECK_EXPERIMENT (APR 2009)
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Checks performed by WDCC. Metrics documentation: https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4081213 Metric Version: metrics_v0.5
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