ENSEMBLES ECHAM5-MPI-OM SRESA1B run3, daily values

Roeckner, Erich

These data represent daily values (daily mean, instantaneous daily output, diurnal cycle) of selected variables for ENSEMBLES (http://www.ensembles-eu.org). The list of output variables can be found in: http://ensembles.wdc-climate.de/output-variables
The model output was prepared for the IPCC Fourth Assessment SRES A1B experiment.

The A1B scenario is the part of the A1 family which describes a balance across all energy sources. The experiment has been initialized in year 2000 of the 20C_3 run and continues until year 2100 with anthropogenic forcings (CO2, CH4, N2O, CFCs, O3 and sulfate) according to A1B. The experiment is extended until year 2200 with all concentrations fixed at their levels of year 2100 (stabilization experiment).

These datasets are available in netCDF format.
The dataset names are composed of
- centre/model acronym (e.g. MPEH5: Max-Planck-Institute/Echam5)
- scenario acronym (e.g. SRA2: SRES A2)
- run number (e.g. 1: run 1)
- time interval (MM:monthly mean, DM:daily mean, DC:diurnal cycle, 6H:6 hourly, 12h:12hourly)
- variable acronym [with level value] (e.g. hur850: relative humidity, 850 hPa)
--> example: MPEH5_SRA2_1_MM_hur850

For this experiment 3 ensemble runs were carried out.

Model output data for CMIP3 in higher temporal resolutions and further variables are available in ESGF at https://esgf-node.llnl.gov/search/cmip3/.

Technical data to this experiment:
The experiment used ECHAM5.2.02a (T63L31) coupled to MPI-OM Vers. 1.0 (GR1.5L40) and was run on a NEC-SX (hurrikan).
The output from the model run: hurrikan.dkrz.de: /ut/k/k204097/EXP000/run010
ENSEMBLES (Production of seasonal to decadal hindcasts and climate change scenarios)
World (global)
Spatial Coverage
Longitude 0 to 360 Latitude -90 to 90 Altitude: -.7 m to 10 hPa
Temporal Coverage
2001-01-01 to 2200-12-31 (calendrical)
Use constraints
According to Ensembles Data Policy (http://ensembles-eu.metoffice.com/docs/Ensembles_Data_Policy_261108.pdf)
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Roeckner, Erich (2008). ENSEMBLES ECHAM5-MPI-OM SRESA1B run3, daily values. World Data Center for Climate (WDCC) at DKRZ. https://hdl.handle.net/21.14106/72d4fa35ffd1a088429f96a0800e1e58b4463d37

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