ENSEMBLES METO-HC-HADGEM1 20C3M run6, daily values

Johns, Tim C.

These data represent daily values (daily mean, instantaneous daily output) of selected variables for ENSEMBLES (http://www.ensembles-eu.org). The list of output variables can be found in: http://ensembles.wdc-climate.de/output-variables. The model output was prepared for the IPCC Fourth Assessment 20th century experiment (20C3M).

Start from control run year 2389 (1859 conditions).
Anthropogenic forcings (only) were changed through the run to follow observed values. I.e changes in:
* CO2
* CH4
* N2O
* CFC11
* CFC12
* CFC113
* HCFC22
* Ozone
* Vegetation Distribution
* Sulphur-cycle Emissions
* Soot Emissions
* Biomass Emissions
* Solar variations
* Volcanic aerosols

These datasets are available in netCDF format.
The dataset names are composed of
- centre/model acronym (e.g. IPCM4: Institut Pierre Simon Laplace)
- scenario acronym (e.g. SRA2: SRES A2)
- run number (e.g. 1: run 1)
- time interval (MM:daily mean, DM:daily mean, DC:diurnal cycle, 6H:6 hourly, 12h:12hourly)
- variable acronym [with level value] (e.g. hur850: relative humidity, 850 hPa)
--> example: IPCM4_SRA2_1_DM_hur850

For this experiment 6 ensemble runs were carried out.
But note that the forcings were not the same in all 6. Ensemble members 1-3 had anthropogenic forcings only, members 4-6 had both anthropogenic and natural forcings.

Technical data for this experiment:
This dataset is a composite of UM runs aetkg, aetki and aetkk.
ENSEMBLES (Production of seasonal to decadal hindcasts and climate change scenarios)
Spatial Coverage
Longitude 0 to 360 Latitude -90 to 90 Altitude: -2.7 m to 10 hPa
Temporal Coverage
1859-12-01 to 1999-12-30 (360_day)
Use constraints
According to Ensembles Data Policy (http://ensembles-eu.metoffice.com/docs/Ensembles_Data_Policy_261108.pdf)
Data Catalog
World Data Center for Climate
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Johns, Tim C. (2008). ENSEMBLES METO-HC-HADGEM1 20C3M run6, daily values. World Data Center for Climate (WDCC) at DKRZ. https://hdl.handle.net/21.14106/b9f8f5abc00140d2c15b7ae8a800b88b3c1e9f53

Note that the timeseries of the D0 data begin only at 2/12/1859. See dataset metadata for specific information.
Note that the variables are stored on two different grids. See dataset metadata for specific information.
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