Interaction between submesoscale eddies and internal waves

Interaction between submesoscale eddies and internal waves
The ICON SMT-Wave experiment is aimed to study the interaction between
a) internal tides and mesoscale eddies
b) sub-mesoscale and mesoscale dynamics.
SMT stands for SubMesoscale Telescope. SMT-Wave employs the ocean component of ICON (ICON-O) with a variable resolution ranging from 11km down to about 600 m in the telescope focus region located in the TRR181 SONETT area over the Walvis Ridge (an ocean ridge in the Southern Atlantic close to the Namibian coast), has a high vertical resolution aided by a z*-coordinate, and is forced by surface fluxes derived from a Reanalysis and the full luni-solar tidal potential tidal forcing.

This research has been supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (TRR 181, grant no. 274762653, and the Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science.
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