Precipitation Driver Response Model Intercomparison Project

Precipitation Driver Response Model Intercomparison Project
PDRMIP is a climate model intercomparison project that ran from the end of 2013 until completion in 2021. In PDRMIP a number of different climate models have been used to explore whether differences in precipitation at present and future projections can be linked to differences in forcing mechanisms. The fact that various climate forcers (e.g. CO2, BC, sulphate) have different influences on precipitation was explored in e.g. Andrews et al. (2010), Kvalevåg et al (2013), Ming et al (2010) and Wu et al (2013) . PDRMIP built upon these studies in trying to understand more of the differences in precipitation and extreme precipitation in climate models by the use of idealized experiments where the input data for each model has been nearly identical. Eleven climate models and modelling communities participated in the PDRMIP project. The models that performed the experiments and delivered data are: NCAR CESM1/CAM4, NCAR CESM1/CAM5, HadGEM2, HadGEM3, GISS-E2-R, MIROC-SPRINTARS, IPSL-CM5, NorESM1, CanESM2, MPI-ESM and ECHAM-HAM. Funding for PDRMIP was provided through the Norwegian research council projects SUPER and NAPEX and storage infrastructure for the project during operations was provided through the storage project NS9042K on UNINETT Sigma2 - the National Infrastructure for High Performance Computing and Data Storage in Norway. Further details on the project can be found on the project web page .
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