Hamburg Local Area Weather Radars

Hamburg Local Area Weather Radars
Knowledge of small-scale rainfall variability is needed for several meteorological and hydrological applications. For this purpose, the University of Hamburg operates two local area weather radars (LAWR) and five micro rain radars (MRR) in the area of Hamburg. The low-cost, operational, single-polarized X-band weather radars provide measurements with high temporal (30 s), range (60 m), and sampling (1°) resolution within the 20 km scan radius. Studies on short time periods (several months) proofs the performance of this low-cost local area weather radar. For example, a case study on a tornado in a rain event demonstrates its refined resolution compared to the German nationwide C-band radars. A similar observational network of LAWRs and MRRs was deployed in an rural area and proofed its performance in the past. This project covers data sets related to these radar measurements.

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