IPCC Data Distribution Centre : Fourth Assessment Report data sets

IPCC Data Distribution Centre : Fourth Assessment Report data sets
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has been established by WMO and
UNEP to assess scientific, technical and socio-economic information, relevant
for the understanding of climate change, its potential impacts and option for adaption
and migration. Projection of future trends for a number of key variables are provided
through this section of the DDC (http://ipcc-data.org/sim/gcm_clim/SRES_AR4 ).
The SRES scenarios have been constructed to explore future developments in the global
enviromental with special reference to the production of greenhouse gases and aerosol
precursor emission.
A set of four scenario families (A1, A2, B1, B2) have been developed that each of this
storylines describes one possible demographic, polito-economic, societal and
technological future. Model experiments, also using different forcing scenarios,
were calculated at other modeling centres.
The data represent a subset of data sets from the IPCC Model Output Archive at
PCMDI (https://pcmdi.llnl.gov/mips/cmip3/).
These datasets are available in netCDF and GRIB format.
The dataset names are composed of
- centre/model acronym (e.g. MPEH5: Max-Planck-Institute/Echam5)
- scenario acronym (e.g. SRB1: SRES B1)
- run number (e.g. 1: run 1)
- format identifier (e.g. N: netCDF, G: GRIB)
- variable acronym [with level value] (e.g. hur850: relative humidity, 850 hPa)
--> example: MPEH5_SRB1_1_G_hur850

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