Ensembles Research Theme 3

Ensembles Research Theme 3
The overall goal of ENSEMBLES is to maintain and extend European pre-eminence in the provision of policy relevant information on climate and climate change and its interactions with society.

The project will meet its main objectives by use of 10 interlinked Research Themes (RT). Each RT is composed of several Work Packages (WP) which will enable the milestones and deliverables to be achieved within each RT.

Objective 3: Develop higher resolution climate models to provide more regionally detailed climate predictions and better information on extreme events.

Operational goals of RT3:
- Develop high resolution (i.e., up to 20 km) regional climate models for Europe along with high quality quality-controlled gridded climate datasets for Europe (RT3, RT5).
- Completion of an extensive multi-model ensemble of RCMs, using the system developed in RT3

RT3 has the responsibility for providing improved climate model tools developed in the context of regional models, first at spatial scales of 50 km at a European-wide scale and later also at as high a resolution as 25km for specified sub-regions. Analogous to RT1, and using boundary conditions from RT2A, RT3 will produce a multi-model ensemble based system for regional climate prediction from seasonal to decadal and longer time scales to be applied in RT2B.

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