RCM forcing data from MPI-ESM1-2 (ECHAM6/JSBACH/MPIOM/HAMOCC) CMIP6 experiments

RCM forcing data from MPI-ESM1-2 (ECHAM6/JSBACH/MPIOM/HAMOCC) CMIP6 experiments
This project provides variables from MPI-ESM1-2-HR CMIP6 experiments performed by DKRZ, MPI-M and DWD in the context of the BMBF funded CMIP6 DICAD project (FKZ 01LP1605A) and from MPI-ESM1-2-LR CMIP6 experiments performed by the Universität Hamburg and DKRZ, with the aim to benefit from the updated MPI-ESM model and the CMIP6 forcings in the context of the grand ensemble studies of the Universität Hamburg and the MPI-M.

The experiments are described at https://www.wcrp-climate.org/wgcm-cmip/wgcm-cmip6 . Essential variables for regional climate modelling (RCM) are available. They are stored in native GRIB-format (e.g. spectral). For each experiment-member five datasets are provided. They are of frequency 6hrPt (= instantaneous six hourly) and fx (time invariant). ua and va have to be calculated from divergence and vorticity (e.g. with 'cdo dv2uv ...'). Spectral to gridpoint transformation can be done with 'cdo sp2gp ...'.

The CMIP6 experiments have been performed with various model versions of MPI-ESM1-2:
- LR: MPI-ESM1-2-LR - T63L47 (192 x 96 gridpoints; 47 vertical layers) for ECHAM6/JSBACH and GR15 (ca. 1.5 deg) of MPIOM/HAMOCC.
- HR: MPI-ESM1-2-HR - T127L95 (384 x 192 gridpoints; 95 vertical layers) for ECHAM6/JSBACH and TP04 (tripolar grid, ca. 0.4 deg) of MPIOM/HAMOCC.

CMIP6 ensemble members are named 'rNiNpNfN':
rN is the realisation, iN is the initialisation method, pN stands for the parameterization or physics variant and fN stands for the forcing variant of the experiment. Different experiment realisations (rN) differ with respect to their restart files.

The additional simulation output that is provided here as RCM forcing is (ONLY) available for the following simulations:
- MPI-ESM1-2-HR:
amip: r1i1p1f1 - r3i1p1f1
ssp126, ssp245, ssp370, ssp585: r1i1p1f1 - r10i1p1f1
- MPI-ESM1-2-LR:
historical, ssp119, ssp126, ssp245, ssp370, ssp585: r11i1p1f1 - r30i1p1f1

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