Coordinated Enhanced Observing Period

Coordinated Enhanced Observing Period
Coordinated Enhanced Observing Period
CEOP is an effort to address some of the critical aspects of the climate system involving land areas in
particular over a 2 year period beginning in mid-2001. It will focus on two overall issues:
water and energy fluxes and reservoirs over land areas,
monsoonal circulations
CEOP will involve the simultaneous or near-simultaneous collection of observations from several regions around the world.
In particular, it will include:
several reference sites in the continental-scale experimental regions of GEWEX
as well as other regions
extensive field measurements for addressing monsoonal systems
validation studies for new satellite systems
CEOP will lead to:
better understanding of water and energy fluxes and reservoirs over specific land areas
progress at better appreciating the role of land areas in the whole climate system
a testing of our capabilities to transfer techniques and models between different GEWEX continental-scale
experimental (and other) regions and to predict water-related parameters
enhanced understanding of the land-atmosphere-ocean interactions
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