dphase_hbv: hydrological model HBV runoff forecasts in the Rhine basin run by FOEN for the MAP D-PHASE project


Vogt, Stephan

FOEN is using the Flood Early Warning System (FEWS) with the hydrological model HBV for operational flood forecasts in the swiss part of the Rhine basin. With respect to MAP D-PHASE FEWS has been extended to use COSMOCH2, COCH7COR, CLEPS and PEPS. COSMOCH7 and ECMWF have been used already before for operational flood forecasting.
Forecasts are issued normally during working days from Monday to Friday with t0 at 05 UTC.
Updating of HBV up to time t0 (normally at 05 UTC) is done with meteorological data from MeteoSwiss (ANETZ, 1h resolution) and hydrological data from FOEN for 60 subbasins. After t0 HBV is driven by the meteorological models mentioned above. Forecasts for 12 selected hydrological stations are provided for MAP D-Phase.

For MAP D-Phase, the model update of HBV based on meteorological station data is compared with an update driven by radar precipitation. The initial states for the hydrological forecasts are always based on the update driven by meteorological station data.

Data providers:
Observed meteorology (1h-resolution): MeteoSwiss (ANETZ data, Areal radar precipitation)
Observed discharge and waterstage (1h-resolution): Swiss Federal Office for Environment FOEN, Landesanstalt fuer Umwelt, Messungen und Naturschutz Baden-Wuerttemberg LUBW (for german tributaries), Abteilung Wasserwirtschaft Vorarlberg (for austrian tributaries)

Aare-Brugg, Aare-Murgenthal, Emme-Emmenmatt, Kleine Emme-Littau, Limmat-Baden, Reuss-Mellingen, Rhein-Basel, Rhein-Diepoldsau, Rhein-Rekingen, Rhein-Rheinfelden, Thur-Andelfingen, Thur-Halden
DPHASE (D-PHASE, Demonstration of Probabilistic Hydrological and Atmospheric Simulation of flood Events in the Alpine region)
Stephan Vogt (
D-PHASE region (DDOM)
Spatial Coverage
Longitude 2 to 18 Latitude 43 to 50 Altitude: 0 m relativ to NN
Temporal Coverage
2007-06-19 to 2007-11-30 (calendrical)
Use constraints
For scientific use only. No commercial use allowed. Please be aware of the common COPS/GOP/D-PHASE data policy (http://cops.wdc-climate.de/)
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Vogt, Stephan (2009). dphase_hbv: hydrological model HBV runoff forecasts in the Rhine basin run by FOEN for the MAP D-PHASE project. World Data Center for Climate (WDCC) at DKRZ. https://doi.org/10.1594/WDCC/dphase_hbv

Emme-Emmenmatt, Kleine Emme-Littau, Thur-Halden and Thur-Andelfingen are basins with negligible anthropogenic influence but have a rather low coverage with meteorological stations.

Aare-Murgenthal, Aare-Brugg, Reuss-Mellingen and Limmat-Baden are downstream of a regulated lake. Variations from the regulation rules which are not communicated to FOEN can not be considered for the flood forecast, a medium to strong anthropogenic influence is possible.

The forecast quality at Rhein-Diepoldsau suffers from hydro peaking in several tributaries.

Rhein-Rekingen, Rhein-Rheinfelden and Rhein-Basel are the lowermost forecasting stations in the swiss Rhine basin. All influences described for upstream station are routed downstream. Since measurement data from upstream hydrological stations is used in HBV these influences are considered for the first hours in the forecast period.
According to agreements within DPHASE data from timesteps not delivered in time could be missing. In this case a dummy file was created and inserted in the database.
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