coastDat-2 COSMO-CLM


Geyer, Beate; Rockel, Burkhardt

This is an atmospheric hourly hindcast for Western Europe and the North Atlantic using COSMO-CLM version 4.8_clm_11 with spectral nudging from 1948-2012. The model uses a rotated grid with 254 x 248 grid points and a grid point distance of 0.22 degrees, the rotated North pole is located at 170 W, 35 N.
In rotated coordinates the model area extends from 30.44 W to 25.22 E, 25.72 S to 28.62 N, in geographical coordinates this corresponds to about 68 W to 82 E, 25.6 N to 81.4 N.
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coastDat-2 (coastDat-2)
Dr. Beate Geyer (
Western Europe and the North Atlantic
Spatial Coverage
Longitude -68.2 to 82.8 Latitude 25.6 to 81.4 Altitude: -254.32 m to 27193.1 m
Temporal Coverage
1948-01-01 to 2015-08-31 (calendrical)
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For scientific use only
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World Data Center for Climate
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Geyer, Beate; Rockel, Burkhardt (2013). coastDat-2 COSMO-CLM Atmospheric Reconstruction. World Data Center for Climate (WDCC) at DKRZ.

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[1] Geyer, Beate. (2014). coastDat-2 COSMO-CLM (Version 2). hdl:21.14106/de7a069cd827687dbb44cdb69665c8c541c7e9b0

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