coastDat TRIM-NP-2d CMIP5 scenarios with REMO MPI-ESM and HadGEM2


Gaslikova, Lidia

These are the hydrodynamic transient scenarios for the North Sea and the Northeast Atlantic for the period 1950-2006 (historical) and 2006-2100 (future). Atmospheric forcing originates from CMIP5 CORDEX EUR-11 regionalized scenarios ( The simulation has been performed with the hydrodynamic model TRIM-NP V2.5 in barotropic 2D mode. FES tides are included. Water level and current component fields are stored hourly. The model is set up on an equidistant Cartesian grid cascade with the center near Helgoland (7.88 E, 54.18 N). The coarsest grid with 12.8 km resolution covers the area from 20 W to 30 E and from 42 N to 65 N. Further 3 nested grids better resolve the North Sea (with 6.4km), southern North Sea (with 3.2km) and the German Bight (with 1.6km). Model data from grid 1 and grid 4 are available in this data bank.

The file name of the data sets is composed as follows:
trim_<spatial resolution>_<variable>_<global model>_<scenario>_<year>.nc
spatial resolution: 12.8km (only ssh), 1.6km
variable: ssh (sea_surface_height_above_sea_level), u_velocity (sea_water_x_velocity), v_velocity (sea_water_y_velocity)
global model: mpi, had
scenario: rcp85, rcp26 ,hist
coastDat_Marine-Scenarios (coastDat Water Level and Waves Future Scenarios)
Dr. Lidia Gaslikova (
Spatial Coverage
Longitude -20 to 30 Latitude 42 to 65
Temporal Coverage
1950-01-02 to 2100-12-31 (multiple calendars)
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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) (
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Gaslikova, Lidia (2023). coastDat TRIM-NP-2d CMIP5 hydrodynamic transient scenarios for the North Sea and the Northeast Atlantic for the period 1950-2100 with REMO MPI-ESM and HadGEM2 forcing. World Data Center for Climate (WDCC) at DKRZ.

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[1] DOI Weisse, Ralf; Bisling, Peter; Gaslikova, Lidia; Geyer, Beate; Groll, Nikolaus; Hortamani, Mahboubeh; Matthias, Volker; Maneke, Moritz; Meinke, Insa; Meyer, Elke MI; Schwichtenberg, Fabian; Stempinski, Florian; Wiese, Frauke; Wöckner-Kluwe, Katja. (2015). Climate services for marine applications in Europe. doi:10.1186/s40322-015-0029-0

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