The transient simulation was performed with the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology Earth System Model version 1.2 in coarse resolution (MPI-ESM-CR). The model includes the spectral atmospheric model ECHAM6.3 at T31 horizontal resolution (approx. 3.75°) and 31 vertical levels, the land surface vegetation model JSBACH3.2, and the primitive equation ocean model MPIOM1.6 with a nominal resolution of 3°. The applied setup was introduced in detail in Kapsch et al. (2021 and 2022).
For the experiment, the model was integrated from a glacial state at 26 ka to the year 1950 with prescribed atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations (Köhler et al., 2017) and insolation (Berger & Loutre, 1991).
Note that the time runs with an offset of +25001 years, meaning that the year range 1-25000 of the data set equals the years 25000-1 BP (Before Present).
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Dr. Marie-Luise Kapsch (

Dr. Uwe Mikolajewicz (
Spatial Coverage
Longitude 0 to 360 Latitude -90 to 90
Temporal Coverage
25000-01-01 to 1-12-31 (time before present (1950=0))
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World Data Center for Climate
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[1] DOI Köhler, Peter; Nehrbass-Ahles, Christoph; Schmitt, Jochen; Stocker, Thomas F.; Fischer, Hubertus. (2017). A 156 kyr smoothed history of the atmospheric greenhouse gases CO<sub>2</sub>, CH<sub>4</sub>, and N<sub>2</sub>O and their radiative forcing. doi:10.5194/essd-9-363-2017
[2] DOI Berger, A.; Loutre, M.F. (1991). Insolation values for the climate of the last 10 million years. doi:10.1016/0277-3791(91)90033-q

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