ORCA05-KAB042, reference experiment under CORE forcing

Biastoch, Arne

Reference experiment of a series of coupled ocean-seaice model under prescribed atmospheric forcing. The model code is based on the latest version 9 of the OPA-model (now called NEMO) and has a global coverage and resolution of 1/2deg. nominal. It does not resolve mesoscale eddies. The atmopsheric forcing consists of a 1958-2000 time series (of daily data) based on the CORE-forcing, a corrected and globally balanced forcing based on the NCEP/NCAR data and prescibed via Bulk formulae.

Details of the Configuration:
* NEMO-OPA 9 beta (version 1.5) with IOIPSL (cm4_v1_8)
* Tripolar grid with 1/2deg. nominal resolution (ORCA05), 46 levels
--> 722 x 511 x 46 ? 17 x 106 GP ( = twice
* Partial cell topography
* Initialization from Levitus/PHC data set
* Light damping towards Levitus in (some areas of) the Med and Red Seas (time scale 50 days), very light damping (180 days) at the ocean surface and throughout the whole water column in the polar regions
* Wind stress and therohaline fluxes, based on bulk parameterization, calculated from daily and monthly data (interannually varying CORE data by Large and Yeager, 2004), monthly and climatological river runoff
* Thermodynamic, dynamic sea-ice model LIM2
* Free surface with constant volume
* Time step 2400 s = 40 min
* TKE scheme and double diffusive mixing
* Diffusive BBL (does not effectively wortk with partial cells)
* Biharmonic viscosity (-8.5 x 10-11 m4/s)
* MUSCL tracer advection scheme, energy-enstrophy-conserving advection for momentum
* Linear bottom friction.

Performed on the DKRZ SX-6, on one node (8 processors), parallelized with autotasking (OpenMP)
DRAKKAR (DRAKKAR Multi-scale Ocean modelling project)
Spatial Coverage
Longitude -180 to 180 Latitude -90 to 90 Altitude: 0 m to 5875.14 m
Temporal Coverage
1958-01-01 to 2000-12-31 (calendrical)
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work group only
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World Data Center for Climate
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Biastoch, Arne (2006). ORCA05-KAB042, reference experiment under CORE forcing. World Data Center for Climate (WDCC) at DKRZ. http://cera-www.dkrz.de/WDCC/ui/Compact.jsp?acronym=ORCA05-KAB042_COREforcing

(model, ORCA05)
as consistent as the models are (NEMO-OPA 9 beta (version 1.5, LIM)
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