Sensitivity studies on rain heterogeneity in Hamburg city centre using the obstacle-resolving model MITRAS


Ferner, Karolin S. et al.

This experiment contains sensitivity test results (Ferner et al. 2023) of 11 simulations with the microscale, obstacle-resolving model MITRAS v 3.1 (Salim et al., 2018; Schluenzen et al., 2018) for a domain of 1.6 x 1.8 km² around Hamburg City Hall in Hamburg. The domain contains various street configurations, open spaces, water surfaces, orography and building heights. The simulations were performed with different initial wind speeds, rain amounts, wind directions, and domain configurations. The simulations cover 1:40 hours, starting at 7:30 LST (LST refers to Local Solar Time), with a temporal resolution of 10, 1 or 5 minutes. This experiment contains a selection of output variables, control variables are not included.

The file names of the data sets are composed as follows.
{precipitation}_{intensity}_{windspeed}_ {intensity}_{winddirection}_{value}_{case ID}.nc

There are 3 intensities: low, medium, high
Associated values are these:
pr_low = 0.5 mm, pr_medium =0.9 mm, pr_high = 1.7 mm (after 10 minutes)
ff_low = 2 m/s, ff_medium = 4 m/s, ff_high = 4 m/s

WINTER_HAMBURG (Investigating climate change related impacts on the urban winter climate of Hamburg)
Dr. David Grawe (
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Longitude 9.98 to 10.01 Latitude 53.54 to 53.56 Altitude: 0 level to 64 level
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2000-01-21 to 2000-01-21 (Local Solar Time in arbitrary year)
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Ferner, Karolin S.; Boettcher, Marita; Sieck, Kevin; Voss, Vivien (2024). Sensitivity studies on rain heterogeneity in Hamburg city centre using the obstacle-resolving model MITRAS. World Data Center for Climate (WDCC) at DKRZ.

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[1] DOI Salim, Mohamed H.; Schlünzen, K. Heinke; Grawe, David; Boettcher, Marita; Gierisch, Andrea M. U.; Fock, Björn H. (2018). The microscale obstacle-resolving meteorological model MITRAS v2.0: model theory. doi:10.5194/gmd-11-3427-2018
[2] Schlünzen, K. Heinke; Boettcher, Marita; Fock, Björn H.; Gierisch, Andrea; Grawe, David; Salim, Mohamed. (2018). Technical Documentation of the Multiscale Model System M-SYS.

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[1] DOI Ferner, Karolin S.; Boettcher, Marita; Schlünzen, K. Heinke. (2023). Modelling the heterogeneity of rain in an urban neighbourhood with an obstacle-resolving model. doi:10.1127/metz/2022/1149

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