IPCC-DDC FAR GFDL R15 transient run 1 percent

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory/NOAA (GFDL)

This experiment contains model outputs from climate models at the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (GFDL). This model run was made in 1991 as a re-run. The model was an atmosphere-ocean coupled model, run at R15 (48x40) global resolution. 1% increase per year transient run was made and values for numerous variables were output. DSS has decadal means for up to 100 model years, as well as daily values and monthly and seasonal means for shorter periods.
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IPCC-DDC_FAR (IPCC Data Distribution Centre : First Assessment Report data sets )
World (global)
Spatial Coverage
Longitude 0 to 352.5 Latitude -86.598 to 86.598 Altitude: 0.99 sig to 0.025 sig
Temporal Coverage
1-01-01 to 100-12-31 (climate model time)
Use constraints
Data Catalog
World Data Center for Climate
214.38 MiB (224790528 Byte)
metadata only
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Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory/NOAA (GFDL) (2008). IPCC-DDC FAR GFDL R15 transient run 1 percent. World Data Center for Climate (WDCC) at DKRZ. http://cera-www.dkrz.de/WDCC/ui/Compact.jsp?acronym=IPCC-DDC_FAR_GFDL_R15TR1P

[Entry acronym: IPCC-DDC_FAR_GFDL_R15TR1P] [Entry id: 2187111]
Accuracy report
model data
Consistency report
as consistent as the model is
Contact typePersonORCIDInstitute
Originator --Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory/NOAA
Technical Bob Dattore-University Cooperation for Atmospheric Research
Metadata Dr. Hans Luthardt-Max-Planck-Institut fuer Meteorologie (MD)

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