Spectrally resolved fluxes and feedbacks from observations and simulations (Version 1)


Roemer, Florian Elias et al.

The spectral longwave feedback parameter quantifies the change in Earth's spectrally resolved outgoing longwave radiation (OLR) in response to warming. It contains the radiative signature of all longwave feedbacks making it a key quantity influencing Earth's climate sensitivity. By spectrally resolving these changes in OLR, one can gain important information about the underlying feedback processes.
This experiment contains spectrally resolved radiative quantities that can be used for the calculation of the global mean all-sky spectral longwave feedback parameter based on seasonal and interannual variability, using both satellite observations and simulations.

This dataset was updated to provide more information on the sensitivity of the spectral longwave feedback parameter on relative humidity changes as well as on the impact of the surface feedback at different surface temperatures.
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Observed_Spectral_Feedbacks (Direct observation of Earth’s spectral longwave feedback parameter)
Florian Elias Roemer (
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2000-01-15 to 2020-03-15 (calendrical)
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Roemer, Florian Elias; Buehler, Stefan A.; Brath, Manfred; Kluft, Lukas; John, Viju O. (2022). Spectrally resolved fluxes and feedbacks from observations and simulations. World Data Center for Climate (WDCC) at DKRZ. https://doi.org/10.26050/WDCC/FluxFeedb_ObsSim

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[1] DOI Roemer, Florian Elias; Buehler, Stefan A.; Brath, Manfred; Kluft, Lukas; John, Viju O. (2023). Spectrally resolved fluxes and feedbacks from observations and simulations (Version 2). doi:10.26050/WDCC/FluxFeedb_ObsSim_v2

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