Medicane Cornelia SST Ensemble

Noyelle, Robin et al.

This dataset contains the 0.0625 degree CCLM model output used in the article "Assessing the impact of SSTs on a simulated medicane using ensemble simulations", by Noyelle et al. As of December 2018, this study is currently under review at Natural Hazards and Earth Systems Science, but is available online as a discussion paper <>.

The study creates 11 ensembles of the medicane Cornelia (October 1996), with each ensemble differing *only* in its SST forcing. One ensemble uses observed SSTs, while the other 10 ensembles use SSTs modified in a range from -4 K to +6 K, in steps of 1 K (excluding 0 K).

Within each ensemble, there are 24 members. These members are created by using the domain shift (DS) technique (Pardowitz et al., 2016), as applied to the same medicane in Mazza et al. (2017). The DS technique involves creating an ensemble of initial and boundary conditions for a central, higher-resolution, domain by incrementally shifting the domain boundaries of the parent domain (in all directions) and re-simulating the period of interest. DS is described in detail in Pardowitz et al. (2016) and it's implementation for this experiment is fully illustrated in Mazza et al. (2017).

File names in this archive are of the form "med_cycl_101996_eraINT_cclm0625_12gp_P3.tgz". In this example, the DS in the parent domain was of a distance of 12 grid points ("12gp"), and the SSTs were modified by +3 K ("P3"). Within the tgz file, 8 ensemble members are present, each with their domain shift in a different direction (e.g. N, NE, E, SE, etc.). Model namelists and settings can also be found alongside the model output. The other 16 members of the +3 K ("P3") ensemble can be found under domain shifts of 4 ("4gp") and 8 ("8gp") grid points.

Also included in this archive is the file "constants_and_textfiles.tar". This contains text files with model settings and NetCDF files with the constant data used in the simulations.


Mazza, E., Ulbrich, U., and Klein, R.: The Tropical Transition of the October 1996 Medicane in the Western Mediterranean Sea: A Warm
Seclusion Event, Monthly Weather Review, 145, 2575–2595, 2017.

Noyelle, R., Ulbrich, U., Becker, N., and Meredith, E. P.: Assessing the impact of SSTs on a simulated medicane using ensemble simulations, Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci. Discuss.,, in review, 2018.

Pardowitz, T., Befort, D. J., Leckebusch, G. C., and Ulbrich, U.: Estimating uncertainties from high resolution simulations of extreme wind
storms and consequences for impacts, Meteorologische Zeitschrift, 25, 531–541, 2016.

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Noyelle, Robin; Ulbrich, Uwe; Becker, Nico; Meredith, Edmund (2018). Assessing the impact of SSTs on a simulated medicane using ensemble simulations. DOKU at DKRZ.

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