BINGO Extremal Episodes

Meredith, Edmund; Rust, Henning W.; Ulbrich, Uwe

Within the framework of the BINGO project a methodology has been developed for identifying days with an increased likelihood of extreme precipitation in coarser-resolution climate model or reanalysis data, so that these can be selectively dynamically downscaled to convection-permitting resolution, thus saving the high computational expense associated with continuous, multi-decadal convection-permitting simulations. The method is described in detail in the paper "A classification algorithm for selective dynamical downscaling of precipitation extremes", by EP Meredith, HW Rust and U Ulbrich, and published in Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 22, 4183-4200,, 2018.

During the BINGO project, a variant of this methodology was applied to the BINGO research sites at Bergen, Wupper, Tagus, and Badalona. The method applied is essentially the same as in the above listed paper, except that the predictor variables and predictor thresholds vary between sites. The method was applied to ERA-Interim (1979-2015) forced EURO-CORDEX simulations (0.11° resolution, CCLM RCM) and MiKlip (2015-2024, forced CCLM simulations (0.11° resolution), to identify days which were subsequently dynamically downscaled to 0.02° resolution with the CCLM. The 0.11° EURO-CORDEX and MiKlip simulations have been archived by the BINGO project respectively here:

The files in this dataset contain all downscaled extremal episodes for all research sites, packed into yearly or bi-yearly tgz files, and also separated by ensemble member in the case of the MiKlip experiment.

For more detailed information, please see the attached PDF file under the "Data Hierarchy" tab. Text files containing the model settings can be found in the individual tgz files. A separate file has also been uploaded containing the constant fields for the high-resolution simulations.
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