CMIP5 archive data based on MPI-ESM-LR/-P/-MR

Keuler, Klaus; Legutke, Stephanie

The IPCC is regularly publishing the worldwide most comprehensive scientifically based assessment reports on climate change. The generation of the data base for the IPCC/AR5 report has been coordinated in the WCRP project CMIP5. In the framework of that project, based on the newest versions of the Earth system model MPI-ESM of the Max-Planck Institute for Meteorology, climate simulations have been performed on the platforms of the DKRZ in order to generate the German contribution to the IPCC/AR5 data base. The results of almost 500 experiments have been processed according to the CMIP5 data protocol, and, after an in-depth quality check, are accessible without restriction through the international ESGF CMIP5 archives. Extensive meta data facilitate the search and download, as well as comparison and analyses of the data.
This project contains the CMIP5-standard-compliant data based on all 3 configurations of the MPI-ESM which were created in the DKRZ project '555'. This includes a number of CFMIP simulations as part of the CMIP5 experiment list, as well as data from the LUCID project based on MPI-ESM-LR.
DKRZ_lta (Long-term Archiving of Climate Model Data at WDC Climate and DKRZ (DOKU))
Spatial Coverage
Longitude 0 to 360 Latitude -90 to 90 Altitude: -5720 m to 1 Pa
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850-01-01 to 2300-12-31 (calendrical)
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Keuler, Klaus; Legutke, Stephanie (2016). CMIP5 Klimasimulationen und deren Regionalisierung. DOKU at DKRZ.

as accurate as the models are
Most of the variables requested by the CMIP5 project have been diagnosed from the model's raw output data, or have been output directly. List of the variables provided as well as not proved for each component are found in the excel sheets cmor_provided_variables_component.xlsx.
The atmosphere component ECHAM6 of the MPI-EM-LR and MPI-ESM-P models, as well as the land surface and vegetation component JSBACH, are formulated on a horizontal Gaussian T63 grid, which corresponds to grid cells of size 1.875 deg x 1.875 deg of a geographical grid. The grid of the ocean and bio-geo-chemistry components (GR15) is obtained by a conformal mapping of a 1.5 deg x 1.5 deg geographical grid, where the North Pole is located on Greenland.
The oceans_s grid has 40 horizontal depth levels of which the bottom cell is adaptable to the measured bathymetrie. The atmosphere uses a hybrid sigma-pressure coordinate system with 47 levels up to 1 Pa.
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CMIP5 Klimasimulationen und deren Regionalisierung (ik0555)
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