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EC-Earth Consortium (EC-Earth)

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These data include the subset used by IPCC AR6 WGI authors of the datasets originally published in ESGF for 'CMIP6.CMIP.EC-Earth-Consortium.EC-Earth3-CC.piControl' with the full Data Reference Syntax following the template 'mip_era.activity_id.institution_id.source_id.experiment_id.member_id.table_id.variable_id.grid_label.version'. The EC-Earth3-CC climate model, released in 2019, includes the following components: atmos: IFS cy36r4 (TL255, linearly reduced Gaussian grid equivalent to 512 x 256 longitude/latitude; 91 levels; top level 0.01 hPa), atmosChem: TM5 (3 x 2 degrees; 120 x 90 longitude/latitude; 34 levels; top level: 0.1 hPa), land: HTESSEL (land surface scheme built in IFS) and LPJ-GUESS v4, ocean: NEMO3.6 (ORCA1 tripolar primarily 1 degree with meridional refinement down to 1/3 degree in the tropics; 362 x 292 longitude/latitude; 75 levels; top grid cell 0-1 m), ocnBgchem: PISCES v2, seaIce: LIM3. The model was run by the AEMET, Spain; BSC, Spain; CNR-ISAC, Italy; DMI, Denmark; ENEA, Italy; FMI, Finland; Geomar, Germany; ICHEC, Ireland; ICTP, Italy; IDL, Portugal; IMAU, The Netherlands; IPMA, Portugal; KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany; KNMI, The Netherlands; Lund University, Sweden; Met Eireann, Ireland; NLeSC, The Netherlands; NTNU, Norway; Oxford University, UK; surfSARA, The Netherlands; SMHI, Sweden; Stockholm University, Sweden; Unite ASTR, Belgium; University College Dublin, Ireland; University of Bergen, Norway; University of Copenhagen, Denmark; University of Helsinki, Finland; University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain; Uppsala University, Sweden; Utrecht University, The Netherlands; Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Wageningen University, The Netherlands. Mailing address: EC-Earth consortium, Rossby Center, Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute/SMHI, SE-601 76 Norrkoping, Sweden (EC-Earth-Consortium) in native nominal resolutions: atmos: 100 km, atmosChem: 250 km, land: 100 km, ocean: 100 km, ocnBgchem: 100 km, seaIce: 100 km.
IPCC-AR6_CMIP6 (Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 6 (CMIP6) datasets)
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Longitude 0 to 360 Latitude -90 to 90
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1850-01-16 to 2354-12-16 (gregorian)
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EC-Earth Consortium (EC-Earth) (2023). IPCC DDC: EC-Earth-Consortium EC-Earth-3-CC model output prepared for CMIP6 CMIP piControl. World Data Center for Climate (WDCC) at DKRZ.

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