Flights 2007/HE08b, Start 2007-09-18 from Frankfurt (Main)/Germany to Houston/USA

Brenninkmeijer, Carl A.M.

The following data are normally collected during each flight and analized in-flight on bord or later in the laboratory:
1. O3 fast, Chemiluminescence on an organic dye
2. O3 precise, UV absorption
3. CO, VUV fluorescence
4. H2O total, and gaseous, Laser photo acoustic and chilled mirror
5. NO, Chemiluminescence with O3
6. NOy, Chemiluminescence after conversion to NO
7. Hg, Enrichment and atomic fluorescence
8. CO2, Non-Dispersive Infrared Absorption (NDIR)
9. O2 ultra, high precision Electrochemical cells with ultimate temperature and pressure stabilization
10. Methanol, acetone, acetaldehyde, e.o., Proton transfer mass spectrometer (PTR-MS)
11. Aerosol concentration diameter >4 nm, Condensation particle counter (CPC)
12. Aerosol conc. diam. >12 nm, CPC
13. Aerosol conc. diam. >18 nm, CPC
14. Aerosol size distribution 150 - 5000 nm, Optical particle counter (OPC)
15. BrO, HCHO, OClO, O4, Remote sensing Differential optical absorption spectroscopy (DOAS)
16. Cirrus clouds (under certain conditions), Video Camera
Laboratory analyses:
17. Aerosol elemental composition, Impactor collection, analysis by PIXE/PESA
18. Particle morphology, Impactor collection, analysis by electron microscope
19. VOC Enrichment and analysis by GC-MS
20. Hydrocarbons, halocarbons, CO2, CH4, N2O, SF6, Whole air sampler with glass flasks, analysis by GC and GC-MS
21. Physical data Aircraft data
For more detail please refer to - instrumentation.
CARIBIC-LH (Civil Aircraft for the Regular Investigation of the atmosphere Based on an Instrumented Container - Phase LH)
Spatial Coverage
Longitude 0 to 360 Latitude -90 to 90 Altitude: 1000 hPa to 100 hPa
Temporal Coverage
2007-10-24 to 2007-10-26 (calendrical)
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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) (
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Brenninkmeijer, Carl A.M. (2004). Flights 2007/HE08b, Start 2007-09-18 from Frankfurt (Main)/Germany to Houston/USA. World Data Center for Climate (WDCC) at DKRZ.

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The data are analised and calibrated at the institutes in charge. For details cf the particular species/ dataset quality entry.
Each experiment comprises one set of inbound and outbound flights with eventual stopover. The related datarecords are provided with a standard NASA/AMES header. Vxx dataset names stand for the version of the revision..
The data all derive from the same measuring flight.
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Principal Investigator Dr. Carl A.M. Brenninkmeijer-Max-Planck-Institute for Chemistry
Originator Dr. Tanja Schuck-Max-Planck-Institute for Chemistry
Metadata Dr. Peter Zimmermann-Max-Planck-Institute for Chemistry

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[1] DOI Brenninkmeijer, C. A. M.; Crutzen, P.; Boumard, F.; Dauer, T.; Dix, B.; Ebinghaus, R.; Filippi, D.; Fischer, H.; Franke, H.; Frieß, U.; Heintzenberg, J.; Helleis, F.; Hermann, M.; Kock, H. H.; Koeppel, C.; Lelieveld, J.; Leuenberger, M.; Martinsson, B. G.; Miemczyk, S.; Moret, H. P.; Nguyen, H. N.; Nyfeler, P.; Oram, D.; O'Sullivan, D.; Penkett, S.; Platt, U.; Pupek, M.; Ramonet, M.; Randa, B.; Reichelt, M.; Rhee, T. S.; Rohwer, J.; Rosenfeld, K.; Scharffe, D.; Schlager, H.; Schumann, U.; Slemr, F.; Sprung, D.; Stock, P.; Thaler, R.; Valentino, F.; van Velthoven, P.; Waibel, A.; Wandel, A.; Waschitschek, K.; Wiedensohler, A.; Xueref-Remy, I.; Zahn, A.; Zech, U.; Ziereis, H. (2007). Civil Aircraft for the regular investigation of the atmosphere based on an instrumented container: The new CARIBIC system. doi:10.5194/acp-7-4953-2007

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