Datafiles of the Atlas of Global and Regional Climate Projections (IPCC-AR5 Annex I)

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This data is a copy of the data provided by IPCC WG I AR5 ( ) as supplementary material for the IPCC WGI AR5 Annex I: Atlas of Global and Regional Climate Projections (WGI AR5 Atlas) at . It consists of data for temperature (tas) and precipitation (pr) for the RCP simulations. Data is provided in timeseries files for multi-model means (modelmean) as well as for all individual models for all regions and the global, land-only and ocean-only means. For the 2081-2100 multi-model ensemble for the RCPs the 5%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 95%-percentiles are included. Individual models have been anonymized, but are consistently numbered. Detailed information is available in the Readme file which is part of the zip file.
IPCC-DDC_AR5 (IPCC Data Distribution Centre : Fifth Assessment Report data sets)
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